“Sisig Tour” 2018 - New York

Social media, press releases, and television shows give people a visual taste on Bay Area food truck Señor Sisig. But to owner Evan Kidera, it was time to expand the business’s reach. And with that brought forth his newest project, the “Sisig Tour”, in hopes to visit new cities and give people a taste of Señor Sisig’s flavor and culture. “I wanted to do things that challenge us,” Evan states. “It’s not about opening up a spot in a different city. Maybe something comes out of it, maybe it doesn’t, but it’s about the experience overall. [We want] continual growth.” After time and consideration, it was time for their first stop in the concrete jungle, New York.

With there being numerous cities to choose from and with the help of a family member, Evan decided on Space Ninety8, an event space by Urban Outfitters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. When asking on why he chose that location, Evan said, “Looking at our culture and our brand, we fit in with what they do as well. Urban outfitters process was great to work with. It just felt the best fit for us.” And with the Señor Sisig culture and brand in mind, the event was a success.There were two, two-hour events for friends, family, and fans to experience a taste of Señor Sisig. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with live music by DJ Tnyfox, handed an exclusive gift bag, and enjoyed a three course meal with speciality cocktails made by Chef Gil Payumo. And if that wasn’t enough, guests were able to purchase more swag and beverages.

We took the time to interview a few Bay Area natives to get their insight on the New York Pop-up. When asking how their experience went, Marian M. mentioned, “My experience was great. I thought the price of the ticket was a good value for what I got, even a little too much! I was so full! I enjoyed being able to see the Señor Sisig team making the food in front of us. It helped it feel like a more intimate and connected event. You could also tell they enjoy working for the company and it showed in how they interacted with each other.

When interviewing Christine L., another guest of the night, she said, “My favorite part was the taco upon arrival. It definitely set the tone. As a Bay Area native, it instantly brought me back to the feeling of home. Though there are Asian fusion and Filipino restaurants popping up on the East Coast, they have the missing “something extra” that you get from Señor Sisig.

Overall, Evan saw this event as a fun experience, and definitely one to learn from. Where ever they pop-up next, Señor Sisig promises to give a taste of their culture and brand through their food and great vibes.

What city do you want to see Señor Sisig visit next? Stay up to date with their social media handle, @senorsisig for their latest news.




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